I consider myself a very lucky man as it was luck that brought me face to face with photography. I met some amazing people that helped me and guided me on this road.

I am the blessed father of two curios kids and husband to a stunning lady without whom I wouldn’t be where I am now. She fulfills me and supports me through every step of the way, enabling me to do my job in the best possible way.

In photography I tried from the beginning to make my own way. This is how I discovered that photojournalism allows me to be myself. I love to capture emotions and small gestures that give meaning to my images, while avoiding cliches. I have a rule for every event that I photograph: always give every drop of energy and inspiration, until I feel proud and happy with the results.

Every event is a personal challenge to create images that tell the true story of that day and that allow people to rediscover themselves over years to come. When you’re looking at one of my photographs, I want to make you smile, make you sigh, make you laugh and shed a tear.